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Outpatient Ultrasound

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Outpatient Ultrasound

Outpatient Ultrasound

Expert Diagnostics for Your Pet’s Health

At Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates (OVRA), we are proud to announce the enhancement of our diagnostic services with the addition of outpatient ultrasounds and echocardiograms. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our new service, spearheaded by our highly skilled technician Summer Lusson, CVT, represents a significant advancement in veterinary diagnostics.

Precision and Expertise

Summer Lusson, a key member of the OVRA team, brings her extensive expertise in veterinary ultrasound and echocardiography. Her comprehensive training at SoundVet Academy covers various aspects of diagnostic imaging, from anatomy and equipment operation to pathology recognition and practical experience. This ensures every scan at OVRA is executed with precision and reliability.

Collaborative Approach for Enhanced Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount in our diagnostics. All ultrasound scans are reviewed by a board-certified radiologist, ensuring precise and informative reports. The findings are communicated directly to the referring Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (rDVM), ensuring a cohesive approach to your pet’s healthcare.

Advanced Technology for Accurate Diagnostics

Our commitment to your pet’s health is reflected in our advanced diagnostic tools. Our outpatient ultrasound services offer a non-invasive, comprehensive method for assessing your pet’s health. These diagnostics are crucial for a thorough examination of internal organs and provide vital insights into your pet’s well-being.

OVRA offers a wide range of ultrasound services, including:

  • Abdominal, thoracic, cervical, and musculoskeletal ultrasounds
  • Echocardiograms
  • Ultrasounds for exotic or pocket pets

Our integrated specialist team provides additional interpretations linked to your ultrasound report.

For any questions, please fill out our outpatient form, get in touch with OVRA, and ask for the outpatient coordinator. 


For more information, you or your provider may contact us at (541) 726-1100.