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Referral Appointment Protocol

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Referral Appointment Protocol

Emergency appointment request protocol

Emergency appointments are to be requested by the referring rDVM. The rDVM can call to request an emergency appointment or send an email with records and the new OVRA referral form, marking it as ‘urgent’. At that time, an OVRA CSR will request that full chart notes, radiographs, and diagnostics be sent over for the department to review. The OVRA will create a temporary profile with the client and patient details. The client may call to establish rapport with the OVRA CSR and confirm information once the records have been reviewed by the department, a time frame and estimate will be given. Full chart notes, radiographs, and any diagnostics performed are needed to facilitate the emergency appointment request accurately. If the client has not reached out to OVRA, the OVRA CSR will call the clinic back and relay the information. If the client has established rapport with an OVRA CSR then the OVRA CSR will reach out to the client with a date and estimate (if possible). An OVRA CSR will not reach out to the client on behalf of an rDVM and relay any medical information.

Non-Emergency Appointment Request Protocol

Non-emergency appointment requests can be made in a variety of ways for OVRA. rDVMs can email the new OVRA referral with the client and patient information, marking the communication as ‘non-urgent’ on the referral form. Emailed referral requests from rDVMs that are non-urgent and not called on by an OVRA CSR. It is the client’s responsibility to call OVRA to schedule an appointment. An rDVM may call to request a time frame on behalf of the client, but the rDVM cannot make the appointment. The client still needs to call for the appointment.
rDVMs may call in a non-urgent referral request. The OVRA CSR can build a profile but the client must call to confirm and create an appointment with OVRA. 1 week before the client’s appointment OVRA will send out a request for records and referrals to be filled out by the rDVM.